Tucked away from the congestion of the Jerusalem-Tel-Aviv highway, the city of Bet Shemesh has undergone a major transformation in the past decade. Fifteen years ago Bet Shemesh was home to a handful of religious English-speaking Olim. Currently there are over 2,000 “Anglo” families. Bet Shemesh and its environs have also attracted a growing number of Israelis. To date, approximately 80,000 people reside in this developing area.

What makes this city so attractive to religious olim from North America, England and South Africa? One possible explanation is the vast expanse of land. This suburban area is sought after by those individuals who want an alternative to city living. Many olim who never dreamt of owning a large garden apartment or a private house discover that this is a viable option.

Another advantage of living in Bet Shemesh is the convenience to both Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. Bet Shemesh is located forty minutes from Jerusalem by car. There are also regular sherut, bus and train services. Tel-Aviv is a forty-five minute ride also accessible by car, bus or train. Many residents work in these cities as well as in Rechovot and Rishon Le’Zion. Employment in Bet Shemesh is also feasible. Many olim find jobs in their field whether it be as teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, secretaries or in various other professions.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Aliyah is klitah (absorption). Finding one’s place within  Israeli society is often challenging. Bet Shemesh offers olim the opportunity to be an integral part of the community. One neighborhood of Bet Shemesh, Givat Sharett, is very popular amongst English speaking Olim. The Givah, as it is called by its inhabitants, has an active Chesed organization. The Givat Sharett Chesed Committee is comprised of volunteers who welcome newcomers. The Chesed Committee also offers assistance to a community at large by providing meals after the birth of a child, as well as financial aid where applicable. In addition, the Givat Sharett Chesed Committee acts as a bridge between olim and the general Bet Shemesh population. Representatives are actively involved in improving the quality of life for all sectors of the population. Hundreds of needy families receive assistance to pay for food, clothing, housing and medical expenses.

The Givah also boasts kosher restaurants and stores both owned and operated by olim. Connections, the local English language newspaper provides residents with current topics of information. Within greater Bet Shemesh there are supermarkets, banks, a large selection of stores, pharmacies and post offices. A variety of health clinics offer full medical services.

There are six Ashkenazi synagogues in the area and many Sephardi shuls. Parents have the opportunity to chose from a variety of religious day care centers, nursery, elementary schools, junior high and high schools.

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