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Jerusalem has captured the hearts and souls of the universe for centuries.
It is a symbol, a spirit, an inspiration and the sacred city of Jews, Christians and Moslems. Since the days of King David is has been the center of the dreams and prayers of millions of Jews throughout the world.

A visit to Jerusalem is a priority for every tourist. Despite the difficulties which have plagued it, Jerusalem remains the most holy and beautiful city in the world. Its beauty lies in its uniqueness – in the meeting of past and present. Picturesque old neighborhoods nestle closely beside modern high-rise apartments.

The historical sites and holy places are set amidst its hilly topography, all of which are reflected in the unique brightness of Jerusalem stone.

Contemporary Jerusalem has developed enormously since 1967 when it was reunited as a city after the Six Day War. Religious worship and learning are of the highest level. The cosmopolitan population is well catered for by sophisticated cultural activities and gourmet restaurants. The museums are world class. Medicine is unparalleled.

The rise of anti-Semitism in the world has renewed the “urge to return” in Diaspora Jewry. This has resulted in a boom in the property market. Those who, for personal reasons, cannot live permanently in Jerusalem buy holiday apartments there. Homes are available to suit all pockets. Tiferet Realty caters for most areas but concentrates on Mamilla, Rechavia, Talbieh, Baka and the German Colony.

Unique Service

Tiferet Realty provides prospective buyers with a very special service. We discuss client’s requirements prior to arrival and prepare a large selection of potentially suitable homes. We pick up clients from their hotel and chauffer them to each property, spending several days with them. Our clients receive an in depth insight into the Jerusalem real estate market.

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